High-performance regional railway operation is required

The importance of public transport increases. Thus, the demand for regional connections increases. Therefore, the operators of regional routes require modern vehicles with powerful electronic systems. Kiepe Electric delivers such systems.

Together with its partners Kiepe Electric offers regional railway vehicles that fully fulfil the required high performance for the operation of regional railway routes. Our electrical equipment is perfect for this purpose because it can be optimally integrated into the system and because of its modularity with regard to price. Our flexible, resource-saving solutions always remain safe in operation and ensure comfortable operation and smooth driving. Kiepe Electric is close to its customers and considers the wishes of the passengers, the operators and the vehicle manufacturers. Our modular electrical equipment can fulfil specific requirements for fully or partially electric regional railways. Kiepe Electric offers concept preparation, planning, supply and assembly of the following systems and components:

  • traction systems with traction inverter, motors and brake resistors
  • power supply systems with current collector, master switch, input converter unit and on-board power supply system
  • HVAC devices
  • train control
  • electrical switching, actuation and display devices in the driver’s cab
  • integration and supply of modern communication systems for the driver and the passengers

Prospects Regional Railways

Connexxion, Netherlands, Valleilijn/Protos-EN 
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Ghana: diesel-electric multiple units

Connexxion, Netherlands, Valleilijn/Protos