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The INFORMER, the international customer magazine of Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems, reports on events and trends in the world of rail vehicles, highlights interesting customer and partner projects and presents the latest developments in the field of products and services from Germany and abroad. A global medium for vehicle manufacturers and operators, companies and workshops as well as for media representatives and interested parties worldwide.

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INFORMER August 2020 (Issue 52)

NEWS // CREATIVE BY DESIGN A new lease of life for the B80D LRV

SPOTLIGHT // CONSERVING RESOURCES Bridging the transition to efficient hybrid trains

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // CYBERSECURITY The Knorr-Bremse Center of Competence

INFORMER August 2020 (Issue 52)

INFORMER December 2019 (Issue 51)

NEWS // Digitization System solutions for automated driving

SPOTLIGHT // Urbanisation in mass transit An interview with Dr. Jürgen Wilder

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // Innovative learning Practice-oriented training and professional development

PRODUCTS+SERVICES // The new UIC-certified KEf control valve

INFORMER December 2019 (Issue 51)

INFORMER June 2019 (Issue 50)

NEWS // SELECTRON Snow blower control system

SPOTLIGHT // ELECTRIFICATION Smart Fleets with Kiepe Electric

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // FASTER ORDERING with Electronic Data Interchange

PRODUCTS+SERVICES // RECYCLING Leftover friction material for new brake blocks

INFORMER June 2019 (Issue 50)

INFORMER December 2018 (Issue 49)


SPOTLIGHT // „THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL“ Manufacturing excellence with the KPS production system

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // „ROCK“ AND „POP“ New regional trains for Trenitalia

PRODUCTS+SERVICES // ECODESIGN Life cycle analyses for more sustainability

INFORMER December 2018 (Issue 49)

INFORMER December 2018 (Issue 48)

SPOTLIGHT // KNORR-BREMSE AT INNOTRANS 2018 Interview with Klaus Deller on the mindset for the future / Knorr-Bremse product highlights / Highlights from Knorr-Bremse subsidiaries

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // CONNECTED TRANSPORT Digitalization in the freight car sector

INFORMER August 2018 (Issue 48)

INFORMER May 2018 (Issue 47)

SPOTLIGHT // KIEPE ELECTRIC New member of the family

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // NEW CLIMATE Best-practice solutions worldwide

PRODUCTS+SERVICES // SANDING SYSTEMS Sophisticated high-tech systems

INFORMER May 2018 (Issue 47)

INFORMER December 2017 (Issue 46)

SPOTLIGHT // APTA EXPO All eyes on Atlanta

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // CROSSRAIL Crossing London underground

PRODUCTS+SERVICES // DISTRIBUTOR VALVE PORTFOLIO Ready for the future with the new generation of KE distributor valves

INFORMER December 2017 (Issue 46)

INFORMER July 2017 (Issue 45)

NEWS // KIEPE ELECTRIC Electrical traction systems added to portfolio

CUSTOMERS+PARTNERS // TRAINING ACADEMY Learning from the market leader

PRODUCTS+SERVICES // NEW GENERATION VV-T 2.0 oil-free compressor

INFORMER July 2017 (Issue 45)

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