Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM) for preventive management

The Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM) evaluates process data to increase the availability of the vehicles. Fleet operators can lower the maintenance costs with the KFM and predict future requirements for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Each operator wants reliable and efficient fleet management. The command and control system in the vehicle detects all events, ambient data, operating data and software data for the KFM system. These process data are transferred to the basis station of the public transport company at regular intervals in an encrypted way and visualised by the KFM system in a clear and user-friendly way.

The public transport company can see the state of each single vehicle and the complete fleet anytime. As soon as a deviation is detected in a vehicle, the public transport company can react with the help of the collected data and co-ordinate the measures to be taken with the workshop.

Thus, optimised maintenance processes are a strength of the KFM. It enables scheduled preventive maintenance measures for the complete fleet on the basis of constant detection, linking and evaluation of extensive operating data. The result is smooth operation of the fleet and cost savings for the operator.


Kiepe Fleet Management - KFM