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The mobility transition is in full swing. Kiepe Electric contributes substantially to sustainable and safe transport concepts thanks to innovative solutions for electric mobility of rail vehicles and buses. Being the specialist in e-engineering within the Knorr-Bremse Group, Kiepe Electric is the reliable partner for public transport companies, fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers.

Whether in San Francisco, Vancouver, Manchester or Cologne: Metropolises around the world rely on Kiepe Electric’s environmentally friendly electrical equipment for tramcars, light rail vehicles, metro vehicles and regional vehicles as well as battery buses, trolleybuses and In Motion Charging (IMC) buses.

Our offer: We advise you and realise the transport transition together with you.


With our electrical systems we realize efficient and sustainable solutions for local public transport.

Alexander Ketterl – Managing Director Kiepe Electric

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New light rail vehicles for Bonn: 64 traction converters from Kiepe Electric for CAF vehicles

  • Kiepe Electric to supply traction converters and brake resistors for 32 bi-directional high-floor light rail vehicles to rail vehicle manufacturer CAF
  • Components from Kiepe Electric to be delivered from the Q3 2024 onwards
  • Modular design allows the traction converters to be adapted to special electrical and mechanical specification.

Kiepe Electric, Düsseldorf, has received an order from Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) to supply traction equipment for 32 new bi-directional high-floor light rail vehicles (LRV). The new LRV’s will enter service in Bonn, Germany. In recent years, CAF has established itself as a manufacturer of modern LRV’s for major German cities and has repeatedly relied on traction technology from Kiepe Electric, for example in Essen and Hanover projects.

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San Francisco to Prototype a Major Battery Upgrade for Enhanced In Motion Charging Capability on Electric Trolley Buses

  • Kiepe Electric is in the process of upgrading the traction battery and battery charger of San Francisco's battery-powered trolley buses with In Motion Charging (IMC®) technology
  • The new battery pack has roughly three times the capacity of the original energy storage system (ESS)
  • The more efficient trolley buses will contribute to San Francisco’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and improving public transportation

Transit agencies worldwide are embracing electric propulsion technology, and San Francisco is at the forefront of this sustainable transportation revolution. Kiepe Electric is pleased to announce a significant battery upgrade to some of San Francisco's battery-powered trolley buses, which are charged during the journey. The buses are manufactured by New Flyer and powered by Kiepe Electric. This advancement will allow these buses to maximize their in motion charging capabilities, further contributing to the city's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and improving public transportation.

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Premiere in Dortmund: New high-floor LRV from HeiterBlick and Kiepe Electric boasts pioneering energy consumption, safety and accessibility

  • First of a total of 26 new high-floor light rail vehicles delivered to Dortmund’s public utility company DSW21 due to go into service in summer 2023
  • LRVs supplied by vehicle manufacturer HeiterBlick and Kiepe Electric boast market-leading energy consumption, safety and accessibility
  • DSW21 project also involves upgrading 64 fleet LRVs to same technical standard
  • Systems supplier Kiepe Electric is responsible for planning, delivering, assembling and commissioning LRV electrical systems

Delivery of the first new-generation light rail vehicle – an impressive 28 meters long – is cause for celebration at the Dortmund depot in Dorstfeld. Among those celebrating are LRV operator DSW21, Leipzig-based vehicle manufacturer HeiterBlick, and of course Kiepe Electric. As a systems supplier, the Düsseldorf-based company is responsible for all electronics in the 26 new vehicles on order, and for modernizing 64 existing vehicles to the same standard. The first vehicle is now ready for commissioning and will start operating in summer 2023.

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Our monitoring and control of conveyor belt systems

Reliable Industry Program

The supply chain has to be reliable: Our safety and monitoring devices for the bulk material handling industry – “Made in Germany” – have the quality required by the customers. Worldwide, and often under extreme weather conditions, ore, minerals, feedstuff or recycling goods are conveyed, processed or transported over long distances via conveyor systems. In this way many industries are reliably supplied with raw materials. Therefore, customers in the energy sector, the building material sector, the recycling sectors and the agricultural sector have relied on our products for the industry for more than 80 years. The global sales and distribution network of our industry business field is also near you: Please contact us.


Brand diversity at Knorr-Bremse

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IFE is consistently working on improving the entrance systems for light rail vehicles and metros, regional and commuter trains as well as high-speed and passenger trains and stimulating the market with its innovative ideas.

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With a strong presence in all the relevant markets, Microelettrica Scientifica is the leading developer and manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic components and systems for rail vehicles.

The TCMS solutions supplied by control, I/O, network and communication technology specialists Selectron provide the answers for rail vehicle automation and for keeping up with the latest digital connectivity trends.

Knorr-Bremse company Kiepe Electric is a globally renowned specialist in complete customized systems for electric rail vehicles, buses and trucks.

Zelisko develops energy, signalling and traffic management systems. Its portfolio includes current and voltage transformers, LED railway signals, railway crossing safety systems and combined ticket printer/on-board computers.

Outstanding performance, short maintenance times, high availability and complex vehicle modernizations: RailServices offers innovative life cycle management for everything from individual vehicles to entire fleets.