A leading system provider for electrified public transport

Electrical equipment from Kiepe Electric moves electric buses in many cities and towns around the world. We have realised solutions for many different demanding challenges in respect of gradient, transport capacity and climatic conditions.

The transport concepts and route profiles for electric buses differ considerably in the cities around the world. All projects have one thing in common: Kiepe Electric and its partners have realised the best technological solution for the customers. A few examples of cities with special route profiles are San Francisco (23% gradient), Solingen (77% of the route without overhead contact line), Vancouver (fleet of 262 electric buses), Geneva, Linz (double-articulated buses), Milan, Rimini, Montreux, Riad (new network in the desert heat) and Quito (2850 m above sea level).

Kiepe Electric offers traction equipment, current collector systems, on-board power supply systems, battery chargers and insulation monitoring systems, including energy management. Kiepe Electric mainly relies on its own know-how and resources by the development and manufacture. The vehicle equipment is supplemented by components from other companies to an optimised system and delivered to the customer from a single source. Kiepe Electric’s service ranges from the planning to many years of support by the vehicles in line service through the manufacture of the vehicles and putting them into service. A team of experienced employees assists the customer.


IMC500 / e-Bus with In Motion Charging (IMC®)

Kiepe Electric is on the world’s leading specialists in the market for complete equipment kits built into electric buses with IMC.

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