Kiepe Traction Control (KTC) increases the performance of the power train

The Kiepe Traction Control (KTC) is a highly developed motor control. It utilises the traction motor much better than conventional control methods.

The vehicle operators profit from the improved performance and the higher safety by the operation of their sustainable and resource-saving electric fleets with the powerful KTC, which can also reduce the life cycle costs considerably.

The advantages of the Kiepe Traction Control (KTC):

  • Less energy consumed: The intelligent control increases the energetic efficiency of the traction system by 4.5 %.
  • Powerful torque dynamics: Improved acceleration from mean speeds to the maximum speed by way of a torque that is up to 30 % higher in the same motor configuration.
  • Faster acceleration by anti-slip protection: Up to 50 % faster acceleration is achieved due to the optimised torque balancing during slipping and skidding. This technology improves the running stability and reduces the tyre wear.
  • Less maintenance costs: The highly dynamic active damping of the power train reduces the maintenance costs, the noise emission and the wear of axles and transmissions due to the considerate running behaviour.
  • Strong climbing power: Improved acceleration on the hill. Gradients up to 22 % have already been tested.