LRVs and tramcars are cornerstones of sustainable transport concepts

Kiepe Electric is your reliable partner by the realisation of electric mobility concepts. For many decades Kiepe Electric has been a leading supplier of electrical equipment for rail vehicles for public transport. Thus, more than 200 German public transport companies and operators are among our customers. We have already equipped more than 2000 vehicles with state-of-the-art IGBT traction equipment and control systems. In this context we consequently integrate digital solutions like our modern Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM).

Kiepe Electric’s system competence by the electrical equipment of tramcars and light rail vehicles pays off in the form of safe operation, energy reduction and high ride comfort. Especially, if the systems of the companies within the Knorr-Bremse Group are exactly harmonised, e.g. brake systems, boarding systems or HVAC systems.

Kiepe Electric integrates its modular electrical equipment into the vehicles in a stringent overall process, which includes concept preparation, planning, supply and assembly of the following systems and components:

  • traction systems, inclusive of current collector, traction inverter, tramcar motors, transmissions and brake resistors both for DC and three-phase systems
  • auxiliary power supply with converters and battery chargers
  • HVAC devices
  • vehicle and train control
  • switching, actuation and display devices in the driver’s cab
  • train protection systems
  • communication systems for the driver and the passengers

Erfurt Tramlink, Germany

Gothenburg Tramca M33, Sweden

Bielefeld VAMOS GTZ8-B, Germany

Brunswick Tramino, Germany

Hannover TW3000, Germany

Rostock Tramlink 6N2, Germany

Istanbul light rail vehicles RTE

Jena: low-floor tram Tramino, Germany

Manchester: high-floor M5000 light rail vehicles