Tram-trains are an integral part of the traffic transition

We want to get more people to change over to go by rail. This objective can be realised by way of through-running connections from the regions into the cities. Tram Trains with electrical equipment from Kiepe Electric are an integral part of this solution.

Ever more municipalities follow the trend to connect their urban tramcar and LRV system with regional railway routes. To realise this solution, vehicles are needed that can be comfortably and economically operated at several network voltages. Kiepe Electric delivers the complete electrical equipment for these multi-system vehicles.

Tram Train vehicles from Kiepe Electric are in use in Germany and internationally. The low-floor vehicles operate, for example, in Mallorca and in Leon (now Puebla), both in the city centre and regionally. In Germany, the new Citylink vehicles in Karlsruhe have have been homologated both for tramway operation in the city pursuant to BOStrab and for operation into the region on the S1/S11 line pursuant to EBO. In Saarbrücken one of the first low-floor tramcars approved by the Federal Railway Agency (EBA) are operated.

Hybrid Tram Train Citylink Chemnitz, Germany

Karlsruhe: Light rail vehicle Citylink NET, Germany

Leon: Tram Trains in diesel-electric version