Modernisation for many additional years of operation

Modernisation and retrofit of electrical equipment can reliably optimise the availability of rail vehicles for many additional years of operation – often decades.

Kiepe Electric is a specialist in modernisation and retrofit of old vehicles by way of new traction equipment, on-board power supply systems, HVAC systems or electrical equipment. The scope of performance ranges from the simple exchange of cables to the complete project management through the supply of equipment sets.

Due to the financial stringency of many vehicle operators, Kiepe Electric has developed several modernisation concepts together with its customers. Modernisation of old vehicles prolongs their lives and increases their ride comfort and thus their attractiveness.

The maintenance costs for vehicles can be reduced considerably by state-of-the-art drives and on-board power supply systems. Thus, the life-cycle costs are reduced. Moreover, the energy demand of the vehicles is reduced considerably with efficient drive systems and on-board converters. In this way both the CO2 equivalence and the energy costs are reduced.

Depending on the operation and the infrastructure, modern drive systems often pay off already after 4 – 8 years due to the reduction in energy costs. Kiepe Electric has already proved this statement in several projects. We shall be happy to make a calculation for your vehicle fleet.

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