Compact electric compressor for flexible operation

Kiepe Electric offers environmentally-friendly solutions for utility vehicles. The compact electric compressor is such a solution. As cities want to fulfil their emission objectives, fleet operators and vehicle manufacturers have to prepare for ever stricter emission values.

The new electric compressor from Knorr-Bremse convinces with its tailor-made control and compact dimension. The weight has been reduced by 25 % and the installation space by 30 %. In comparison with the reciprocating compressor normally used in diesel vehicles, the electric compressor vibrates far less due to its design and only whirrs a little. Thus, it is well suited for the profile of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles and contributes to reducing noise emissions to a minimum.

It applies that fully electrically operated vehicles also need many components triggered by compressed air and that they therefore need an efficient and reliable compressed air supply. The brakes, the mechanism for opening and closing the doors of the bus and the air suspension in the vehicle chassis are examples of such components. The more intelligent control of the compressor allows optimal utilisation of the battery energy and the braking energy, which is converted into current and used to operate the compressor. The compressor has been optimised for high availability for the entire life of the vehicle.