Our training is transfer of knowledge to your employees so that they can maintain and repair the electrical and electronic equipment correctly, fast and at low cost.

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Panagiotis Efthimiadis

Kiepe-Platz 1
40599 Düsseldorf
Deutschland - Germany

Phone: +49 211 7497 369

Kiepe Electric equips vehicles with state-of-the-art components, modules and systems. To keep this technological standard of the vehicles, expert knowledge and purposive measures for maintenance of the vehicles are needed.

Trained staff has to take over this task. Therefore, both experienced employees and new employees should become acquainted with the complex equipment in the vehicles. Such know-how allows purposive trouble shooting, which leads to fast success and less costs.

Kiepe Electric offers its customers training in different fields. It is performed by our experts in Düsseldorf. If desired by the customer, we are also happy to project-specifically train staff on the customer’s site.

We shall be happy to advise you and to tailor-make the training to your needs. Please use the form for concrete inquiries.

At present, we offer training related to the following:

  • on-board converter of the BNU500 series
    • 16.05.2023
    • 17.05.2023
    • 11.10.2023
    • 12.10.2023
  • direct pulse inverter of the DPU400 and 100 series and traction control module ASM
    • 10.05.2023
    • 11.05.2023
    • 20.09.2023
    • 21.09.2023

Coming soon:

  • on-board converter of the BNU600 series
  • traction inverter of the TU900 series
  • current collector of the OSA500 series and current collector control
  • air conditioning for the driver’s cab and the passenger compartment
  • diagnostic software and flash tool
  • modular control devices
  • Kiepe fleet management (KFM)
  • project-specific training
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