Kiepe Electric is an expert in testing all kinds of electrical systems in rail vehicles and electric buses. Kiepe Electric makes it possible for customers to test such systems in their central workshops.

Kiepe Electric offers a broad range of test systems for central workshops of rail transport operators. These test systems make it possible to test Kiepe Electric’s products and numerous products from other manufacturers, e.g. AEG, Siemens, Bombardier, Transtechnik and Powertech. It is possible to test electronic modules, command and control systems, on-board power supply systems and drive systems. High vehicle availability, lower costs Thanks to Kiepe Electric’s test systems, electrical systems and their interaction can be tested and repaired as necessary. This system competence makes the difference and is a great advantage to the public transport company. It leads to higher vehicle availability, effective obsolescence management and flexible labour employment because the test processes need not be performed by specialists.

How does the Kiepe ATS support the main objective of public transport companies of increasing the vehicle availability? The workshop employee can directly test modules and systems which were supposed to be defect during the repair of the vehicle. The modules and systems that are not defect (usually 60-70 %) can be put on stock and are available again within no time.

Kiepe Electric’s test systems and service:

  • Functional testers for electronic modules, control systems and components of the command and control systems of vehicles. At present, about 800 different modules can be tested, of which about 20 % are systems from other manufacturers. This number increases constantly.
  • Modular power test stands for on-board power supply systems and drive systems, which can be combined, if desired, which increases the flexibility of the central workshop and saves money and space.
  • A power test stand for on-board power supply systems, which can also be a stand-alone variant. It is possible to select between various power steps.
  • A power test stand for drive systems, which can have high or reduced power, depending on the customer’s requirements. It is possible to select between various power steps.
  • In future, a power test stand for HVAC systems will be offered as a variant in the central workshop and on the vehicle.
  • Customer-specific diagnostic systems and all kinds of test devices for optimal trouble shooting on the vehicle.
  • Cabling testers for use during the repair for fast testing of the cabling in coupling systems and the vehicle.
  • Special training measures in support of the service staff.

The customer’s advantages:

  • Regular user meetings for customers using Kiepe ATS systems for the exchange of experiences. Kiepe Electric gains in knowledge and can adjust its products even better to the customers’ needs.
  • Customer focus thanks to flexible and reliable support. The excellent test system service is in the customers’ confidence. We are always available to our customers and have excellent references.
  • You get innovative solutions for even more effective working. We want to contribute to solving your daily problems.
  • Higher availability of your vehicles thanks to knowledge transfer during excellent training of your service staff.


Kiepe Electric - ATS - Automatic Test System- Interview with Thomas Berzbach