Strong partners rely on one another. That’s the motto of Kiepe Electric’s technical field service department. The field staff is flexibly on tour to support the customers in mastering their urgent tasks.

Kiepe Electric’s technical field service (TAD) is a support to our customers on the spot in case of warranty work, repair or maintenance on buses, tramcars, light rail vehicles, metro vehicles, regional vehicles and railway vehicles equipped with Kiepe Electric’s components and/or systems. An expressive example of our system competence is our work on HVAC systems manufactured by us or by a third party.

Kiepe Electric’s TAD includes the following:

  • putting new vehicles into service
  • type test support
  • validation of software and hardware after modifications
  • repair in the warranty period
  • analysis of data by way of a diagnostic aid system to eliminate faults
  • exchange of components and modules
  • programming of control devices and putting them into service
  • service in case of a warranty claim or customer order, inclusive of service report
  • maintenance support
  • training on the spot on the basis of Kiepe Electric’s equipment and tool handling
  • fitting of driver assistance systems and putting them into service
  • making modifications on the spot, inclusive of putting equipment into service anew
  • technical support of the IBS points
  • technical customer support in the form of service contracts

Do you have a question or do you need support? Then please contact us by mail or phone.

Your Contact:

Max Wende Head of Technical Field Service

Kiepe-Platz 1
40599 Düsseldorf
Deutschland - Germany

Phone: +49 211 7497-957