Speed Monitoring

The conveyor belt speed is a significant process parameter for control and monitoring of conveyor belts.

Speed Monitoring

The range of Kiepe speed monitoring devices comprises units for electronic speed monitoring and speed monitors for direct coupling, as well as accessories in robust design. The compact, robust Kiepe devices for speed monitoring are used as pulse transducers and standstill, sense of direction, and speed monitors.

They are actuated by switching of contacts or transmission of electronic impulses when the actual speed is under or above the preset values.

Overview Electronic Speed Monitoring

Electronic Speed Monitor EDO
for DIN-rail installation - over-, underspeed, stillstand - start-up delay - for NAMUR- and 3-wire-pnp/npn pulse transducers and Kiepe pulse transducers DG, DK and EOG
Electronic Speed Monitor JMNC
pug base installation - underspeed - stillstand - start-up delay - for NAMUR- and Kiepe Pulse Transducers DG, DK and EOG
Note:Type JMNC will be available only as spare part for existing JMNC installations.
Pulse Transducer DG
contactless - inductive - NAMUR- and pnp-configuration for electronic speed monitors EDO and JMNC

Overview Speed monitors for Coupling

Speedmonitor EOG/DK
Enclosure material: Aluminum - up to 2500, 5000, 18000 U/min - 1..25 Impulse/Umdrehung - contactless
Standstill Monitor
Enclosure variants: Aluminum - electromechanic principle with magnet-oil coupling - min. 6..200 rpm upto 3000 rpm
Speed Monitor SWE-compact
Enclosure material: Aluminum - AC/DC with integrated electronic, speed analysing relay and the power supply in one unit. Electronic rotational monitoring of underspeed, control of slip, stand-still monitoring.

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