Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe: Kiepe Electric equips ten more Tramlink LRVs with electrical sub-system equipment solutions

  • Kiepe Electric is equipping an additional ten vehicles with various electrical systems, 14 previously delivered vehicles are already in regular revenue service and operating successfully
  • Kiepe Electric’ scope includes the vehicle control equipment, on-board power supply, drive systems and air conditioning technology
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning concept utilizes waste heat from the engine

Kiepe Electric equips another ten Tramlink low-floor light rail vehicles from Stadler with various electrical systems. 14 new LRVs equipped with vehicle control and drive technology from Kiepe Electric, are already in operation in the Thuringian state capital. To date, they have covered well over a million kilometers on the Erfurt rail network.


Christoph Wede Director Global Sales E-Mobility und Business Development, Head of Marketing

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New Tramlink light rail vehicles, electrically equipped by Kiepe Electric, have been transporting passengers comfortably through Erfurt since 2021. | © Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe, Jakob Schröter
Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe: Kiepe Electric equips ten more Tramlink LRVs with electrical sub-system equipment solutions
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Alexander Ketterl, Managing Director of Kiepe Electric: "The energy efficient Tramlink vehicle concept is highly popular amongst the drivers and passengers in Erfurt. Our technology plays a key part in this, be it through reliable drive technology or the integration of efficient air conditioning systems. We are very pleased with Stadler's continued confidence in our electrical expertise while supporting EVAG in its continued drive toward a completely sustainable public transportation network."

In a survey, Erfurt residents gave very high marks to the first 14 100% low-floor light rail vehicles previously delivered. They praised the interior design of the 42.5-metre-long Tramlink, which went into operation in 2021-2022, as well as the ride comfort and interior lighting. Each LRV offers several multi-purpose areas, an enhanced door concept for more efficient passenger flow and space for up to 248 passengers. As a modular multi-articulated LRV the Tramlink is characterized by an innovative, realaxle bogie that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

Ten additional Tramlink LRVs have been ordered from Stadler and Kiepe Electric is also responsible for equipping these light rail vehicles with electrical systems. These are ideally matched to each other and to the Tramlink platform. Kiepe Electric's scope of services includes the complete vehicle control system, on-board power supply, drive systems and air conditioning technology. The drivers in Erfurt particularly appreciate the enhanced electronics, which represent a huge step forward in terms of operational safety and comfort compared to their older vehicles. For example, error messages are displayed immediately along with a solution to the problem. The sophisticated air conditioning concept optimizes the ambient air temperature within the vehicle without wasting additional energy. By utilizing the waste engine heat and monitoring the air with CO2 sensors, only a limited amount of fresh air needs to be heated or cooled for the driver's cab and passenger compartment which maintains peak air quality. Kiepe Electric also supplies modern technology for safety and driving comfort. This includes interior video surveillance and an exterior camera system for monitoring the rear doors, passenger infotainment system and a modern operators display in the driver's cab.

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