Innovative: Electric buses for sustainable public transport concepts

Kiepe Electric delivers practical answers to the trend towards electric mobility. Our IMC buses and the modular eBus HPC platform for battery-electric Buses convince with efficient use of energy, high charging capacity and novel electrical equipment for utility manufacturers.

The transformation towards electric mobility in buses is already being successfully implemented at Kiepe Electric thanks to many years of technical expertise with our IMC bus systems with a high focus on the customer's needs. With the new modular eBus HPC platform, we are continuing the success story for battery-operated buses.

Christoph Wede – Director Global Sales E-Mobility & Business Development

Do you want to reliably realise a sustainable public transport concept? Then you get to know more about our system solutions for IMC buses, battery-operated buses and electrical components. With many decades of experience with electrically driven buses has resulted in the most comprehensive system competence on the market. We can reliably assess the interaction of the components and their effects on the driving – safe operation is the pleasant result.

In Motion Charging

Kiepe Electric’s drive technology, the so-called In Motion Charging (IMC), has become a generic term for charging the battery when the bus is driving. It is a real proof of the innovative capacity that our electric systems, our numerous electric components, our digital offers like the Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM), and the Kiepe Traction Inverter (KTI) imply and of the solutions that we develop and manufacture.

IMC buses with Kiepe Electric technology ensure environmentally friendly local transport in major cities around the world: Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, Geneva, Milan, Solingen and Verona - to name just a few great projects.

Modular eBus HPC platform

The manufacturer-independent, standardized and modular platform concept for battery-electric buses, eBus HPC (High Power Charging), was developed for standard sizes in public transport (12, 18, 24 meter). It includes the complete traction system (motors, high-performance quick-charging batteries, traction distribution units) with the Kiepe Traction Inverter (KTI). Kiepe Electric therefore has the expertise to develop and control all types of electric buses safely and reliably.

An example of the use of the new modular eBus HPC platform is the new 24 meter double articulated electric bus Tzen4 for the innovative customer Île-de-France Mobilités, which we designed together with Van Hool and Alstom. Excited? Then have a look for further information about Tzen4 here .

Safety until the end of the life cycle

Kiepe Electric’s life cycle management provides safety, which delights our customers. Thus, Kiepe Electric supports its customers throughout the lives of their vehicles: From the planning of the vehicles, through the manufacture and putting into operation to the many years of operation of the vehicles. It is an ideal support for the operators by the transition to operation of electric bus fleets.

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