Functional safety with standards

Functional safety reduces the safety risks emerging due to faulty behaviour of systems to an acceptable level. Kiepe Electric contributes to the mobile safety because we observe the decisive CENELEC standards.

The technology for railway applications gets ever more complex, which increases the safety risk because hardware and software interact in very different ways and because systems and components come from many different sources.

In the rail sector the following international standards, which have been prepared by CENELEC, (or the corresponding IEC standards) are decisive:

  • EN 50126 (IEC 62278) – RAMS
  • EN 50128 (IEC 62279) – Software
  • EN 50657 - Software
  • EN 50129 (IEC 62425) – System safety

Kiepe Electric always adheres strictly to these standards by the development of new products. Therefore, we can ensure the assessment and testing of the functional safety according to the standards of relevance for the rail sector, which has e.g. the following advantages:

  • safe and stable interaction between the software, hardware and all components used in rail sector products
  • verification of conformity with all relevant CENELEC standards, i.e. EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50657 and EN 50129
  • minimisation of the risk of injury of persons
  • saving of time and costs due to early detection of conceptual weaknesses and operating faults as well hardware and/or software faults, if any

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