Monitoring of Bucket Elevators

In conveyor systems with belt bucket elevators, material overflow or malfunctions may cause belt misalignment and major damage.

Kiepe bucket elevator monitoring devices are used to detect and switch off misaligned belt bucket elevators.Depending on the model, the inductive devices detect steel, stainless steel, or aluminum buckets at specified sensing distances.

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Monitoring of Bucket Elevators

Monitoring for Bucket elevators SBW

Misalignment Switch - steel bucket detection - AC-and DC-variants - distance: 10..150mm - output: 1 electronic contact (NO or NC adjustable)

Monitoring for Bucket Elevators SBW 5xx/6xx

Misalignment Switch - detection of stainless steel and Aluminum buckets - distance: up to 70mm - adjustment with LED-lamp - output: pnp

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