Kiepe Electric has consequently oriented its performance towards industrial trends like electric mobility, connectivity and life cycle management. Therefore, our customers get sustainable solutions that meet the growing need for urban mobility – in consideration of all digital possibilities. He who thinks about zero-emission concepts for public transport should have Kiepe Electric in mind.

Leading rail vehicle and bus manufacturers fit Kiepe Electric’s electrical systems in their vehicles – often as members of a consortium – because Kiepe Electric offers efficient and ecologically sustainable, emission-reduced public transport solutions for tramcars, light rail vehicles, metro vehicles and regional vehicles as well as battery buses, trolleybuses and In Motion Charging (IMC) buses.

Beside the development, manufacture and sale of environmentally friendly electrical equipment Kiepe Electric offers digital solutions for public transport like the Smart Fleet Management (SFM) for electric buses and the Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM), which predicts the need for maintenance and repair. Thus, Kiepe Electric supports its customers with high-quality service throughout the entire life cycle of its products – from the offer to the aftersale with retrofit, obsolescence management and supply of spare parts. Beside products for the mobility sector Kiepe Electric offers and manufactures industrial components for belt conveyors. Further information is found here.

Irrespective of the business field, Kiepe Electric’s lasting success is mainly based on the competitiveness of the products and services offered. Satisfied and motivated employees are a main condition for being able to fulfil our customers’ requirements and expectations in time and at a reasonable price. At present, about 550 persons work for Kiepe Electric at its headquarters in Düsseldorf or its international subsidiaries. Each day they contribute to Kiepe Electric’s success with their specialist knowledge so that state-of-the-art and high-quality products are always developed, designed and manufactured.

“We want to be our customers’ partners, advisers and innovation drivers to speed up our joint goal of fitting electrical systems in rail vehicles and utility vehicles.”

Alexander Ketterl, Managing Director, Kiepe Electric GmbH



Kiepe Electric is obliged to think and react sustainably – not only in respect of solutions and products for zero-emission transport...

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