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All over the world, Kiepe Elektrik™ products are used for monitoring conveyor systems and bucket elevators for bulk goods. The product range was designed to meet the harsh conditions in the raw materials industry, for example in open ore mining and in the iron and steel industry. Wherever reliability, robustness and quality count, Kiepe™ products are the right choice.

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Pull Rope Emergency Switches

Conveyor belt systems must be able to be switched off along the conveyor path during emergencies...


Misalignment Switches

Conveyors may run out of line, causing major damage...


Robust Limit Switches

There are many limit switches and sensors on the market, but only a few of them are...


Speed Monitoring

The conveyor belt speed is a significant process parameter for control and monitoring of conveyor belts...


Monitoring of Bucket Elevator

In conveyor systems with belt bucket elevators, material overflow or malfunctions...


Belt Wear Monitoring

Conveyor belts are subject to wear. In large conveyor systems,...



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