Kiepe Traction Inverter (KTI) for electric buses and electric utility vehicles

The new Kiepe Traction Inverter (KTI) is a further component offer for electric buses and electric trucks. The KTI combines the power electronics for the traction and the battery charging to one system. It is offered in a single design and a dual design.

The KTI is offered with a single output and a dual output and can be de-centrally installed in the complete vehicle. It fulfils the requirements made in ISO 26262, which is the standard for safety-relevant electrical systems in road vehicles. The KTI in dual design is optimised for traction motors of vehicle axles with electrical independent wheel drive. Due to its compact design two motors with 2 x 200 kW outputs can be supplied by a single 25 kg unit.

If the power requirements are not too high, two axles can be powered by the dual KTI. The intelligent control allows asynchronous operation and synchronous operation with PSM motors and profits from the novel Kiepe Traction Control (KTC), a motor control unit increasing the performance of the power train.

The innovative KTI convinces with its “2-in-1” function. It unites the power electronics for the traction and the charging of the battery, which can be performed by the KTI when the bus stands still.

The KTI and the entire new generation of Kiepe Electric traction devices for electrically powered vehicles can be integrated into the Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM) to support preventive maintenance. The digital KFM supports the scheduling of predictive services and repair with the vehicle data collected and evaluated.