Control devices for comfortable and safe operation

Kiepe Electric develops and manufactures control devices as well as the related control panels for railway vehicles and tramcars. The extensive practical experience is the basis for the design of the successful devices.

Ergonomics and reliability are important properties of the control devices. Their modular mechanical design allows easy adaptation to special electrical and mechanical requirements of a vehicle.

Modulares Steuergerät MSG Modular aufgebautes Steuergerät zur Realisierung diverser Steuerungsaufgaben (z. B. Schützsteuerung, Türsteuerung etc.). Eingänge für analoge, digitale und Drehzahl-Signale erhältlich. Interface für Zugbus und Diagnose möglich (DC 24...110V).

Drive/brake master controller, manually operated, with analogue reference signal output, with deadman's switch and operation mode switch (DC 24 V).