Quality is one of Kiepe Electric’s fundamental values.

Therefore, the company has implemented an extensive quality and HSE (health, safety, environment) management system into its structures. It is our objective to get a little better each day.

Quality and HSE ensure satisfied customers. We fulfil the expectations of our business partners for perfect components, ecological responsibility, effective solutions and high system availability.

Oliver Mario Jung – Manager, Quality and HSE

We know that qualitatively reliable products, systems and services are the basis for achieving our entrepreneurial objectives of growth, profitability and best-in-class status. Therefore, each employee with Kiepe Electric takes over responsibility and involves himself/herself actively in the continuous improvement of our processes.

Quality is one of our fundamental values. Thanks to this self-image we can

  • offer customers the most useful solutions.
  • fulfil our customers’ high expectations because we constantly improve our products and services.
  • perform and develop effective quality management.
  • Product quality is an entrepreneurial factor of success. Therefore, we want to
  • be the standard for quality and product safety in our sector.
  • be the leading technological manufacturer on the market for product safety throughout the entire life cycles of products.
  • use the customers’ requirements and the principles of sustainability as a basis to develop reliable products for safe operation of vehicles.
  • Quality is achieved when everybody acts responsibly. Therefore, we strive for
  • an environment of error prevention, constant learning and permanent development.
  • benefitting from each employee’s knowledge and experience across global companies and cultures.