Kiepe Electric is specialized in modernization and refurbishment of existing vehicles by implementing new traction electronic, on-board power system or electrical equipment. Our services range from simple cable refurbishment through partial equipment to complete project management.

Following the tight financial pressure of many transport companies, we developed different modernization concepts in cooperation with our customers. The refurbishment of existing vehicles extends the lifetime and enhances the travelling comfort und thus the attractiveness of the existing vehicles. The maintenance costs of the vehicles can be reduced considerably (retardation of the LCC) by modern traction and on-board power system supply. Also the energy consumption of the vehicles can be reduced significantly by implementing efficient traction technology and static converters.

This reduced not only the carbon dioxide equivalent but also the energy costs.

Due to low energy costs, modern traction equipment depreciates already after about four to eight years, depending on the operation mode and infrastructure. This has already been verified by Kiepe Electric in several projects already put into practise.

Let us convince you by setting up an economic efficiency calculation for your fleet. Please contact us!

your contact:

Daria Baryshnikova Manager, Modernization

Kiepe-Platz 1
40599 Düsseldorf
Deutschland - Germany

Phone: +49 89 3547 182275


  • Vehicle assessment and measures
  • Vehicle modernization concept preparation
  • Modernization specification preparation
  • Consulting on “buy or modernise” process
  • Replacement and integration of traction control units
  • Replacement and integration of traction inverters
  • Replacement and integration of complete traction systems (incl. traction container)

Convection-cooled on-board converters

Forced-air cooled on-board converters

  • Replacement of TCMS hardware and software
  • Software modification (upgrade) of existing Kiepe TCMS
  • Driver assistance systems (non-safety relevant systems/comfort systems)

Traction/on-board power supply system KFM

KB sub-systems iCOM

  • Circuit diagrams and delta circuit diagrams
  • Assembly construction documentation
  • Installation manuals
  • Commissioning instructions
  • Brakes
  • PIS
  • CCTV
  • Compressor starter module
  • ATP
  • System validation
  • Regression tests
  • Vehicle integration tests


Class 321 electrical married pair of the UK

Berlin Metro married pair units class F76

Bonn Light Rail Vehicles B80C-Z

Saarbrücken Light Rail Vehicles S1000

Kassel Articulated Low-Floor Vehicles NGT6C

Lausanne Metro BEM 4/6