Robust safety devices

Kiepe Electric offers its own device family for safety devices, which has proved its worth in the daily operation in different applications for decades. The emergency brake switch is an example of such a safety device.

Kiepe Electric manufactures robust emergency brake switches made from cast aluminium. The way in which they are actuated, i.e. by pulling a handle, clearly differs from the way in which other emergency devices are actuated. Several models are available. They have been so designed that vandalism is prevented and so that they function reliably.

Emergency Brake Switch Kiepe NBS 400

Emergency brake switch NBS 400 with emergency hammer

Emergency Brake Switch Kiepe NBS 500

Deadman's Pedal Kiepe TFS 001/Built-in design

Deadman's Pedal Kiepe TFS 002/Built-up design