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Green deal with steel on steel: sustainable drive technologies for rail vehicles

Rail, as a green mode of transport, has a key role to play in the transition to sustainable mobility. That’s why Knorr-Bremse is investing heavily in even cleaner systems for rail vehicles. Find out what the group has to offer in terms of alternative drive technologies for low-emission and energy-efficient mobility.

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Tourist attraction in Lisbon: the famous tram with Kiepe technology

It's a tourist magnet, a selfie hotspot – it's a yellow tram. In Lisbon, a place many would love to escape to in the days of coronavirus, Tram 28 runs along the narrow streets of the old town through the Portuguese capital. The famous vehicles are called "Remodelados". For 25 years they have been operating with electrical equipment made in Düsseldorf – by Kiepe Electric.

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You only live twice.

Knorr-Bremse subsidiary Kiepe Electric has developed technologies that enable diesel-powered buses and trains in existing fleets to be converted to hybrid or pure electric drive – thereby delivering the short-term key to major savings in terms of energy and emissions.

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Trolleybus and electric bus in one, thanks to the latest "In Motion Charging" drive system.

In Arnhem, the Netherlands, trolleybuses can now run without power cables, thus becoming electric buses as well. The "IMC500" – a development by Kiepe Electric – makes it possible.

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