On-board converters for LRV applications

Kiepe Electric has consequently further developed its on-board converters. The new series of the type Kiepe BNU 600 convinces with its compactness, reduced weight and higher total performance. It replaces the on-board converters of the type Kiepe BNU 500.

Kiepe Electric’s on-board converters ensure compact and powerful on-board power supply for tramcars and trucks. They generate the necessary on-board voltages for DC and three-phase systems. Auxiliary converters, which are mainly used for heaters and air-conditioning devices, round off Kiepe Electric’s product range.

On-board converters of the type Kiepe BNU 600 are static converters for the generation of the auxiliary power on public transport vehicles. Usually, a three-phase system and a DC system are available. They are especially designed for the mechanical loads and electrical stresses occurring by public transport vehicles. They can be equipped with housings for non-protected fitting in the roof area or underfloor. Moreover, they can be fitted as open device frames in device cabinets in the vehicles.

Technologically, the BNU 600 stands out for high-frequency circuits and less weight at higher performance. Moreover, its fitting has been simplified and the diagnostic possibilities have been broadened.

Special features of the on-board converter for LRV applications:

• weight-optimised on-board converter with integrated power modules for AC and DC on-board power supply system

• easy maintenance

• double electric insulation between input and output

• low noise

• high efficiency

• optimised weight due to high-frequency circuits

• highly dynamic converter control

• web-based system diagnosis

• integrated emergency start unit

• broad temperature range (-40 °C to +45 °C)

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