Modular eBus HPC platform

Discover our modular platform for electric buses, scalable to 12, 18 and 24 meter in length, optionally as a High Power Charging (HPC) solution with charging times of approx. 5 minutes or as a night charging variant.

The platform consists of the control system, the power distribution, the charging system, the auxiliary units, the energy storage system and our service package. The control system generates the traction energy for acceleration and deceleration including interface communication with the main vehicle control system. The distribution solution ensures peak performance, reliability and energy efficiency across subsystems.

Our adaptable charging system provides space for overnight depots and on-the-go charging, minimizing downtime and enabling 24/7 operation. The auxiliary power supply module optimizes energy for lighting, HVAC and passenger comfort. The energy storage system uses advanced battery technology that increases range and durability.

Our services expand the core and offer online diagnostics and condition-based maintenance for optimized fleet management (SFM) including all interfaces.

An example of the use of the new modular eBus HPC platform is the new 24 meter double articulated electric bus Tzen4 for the innovative customer Île-de-France Mobilités, which we designed together with Van Hool and Alstom. The complete electric system of the bus was developed and specified by Kiepe Electric. In addition, the software solutions Smart Fleet Management (SFM) are used for energy management and Kiepe Fleet Management (KFM) for maintenance management.

Excited? Then have a look for further information about Tzen4 here .

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  • Tailor-made solutions for 12, 18 and 24 meter buses
  • Charging without limits: High Power Charging (HPC) system with up to 800 kW or the night charging solution with 648 kWh
  • Reliability with the experience of 3,000 bus systems and components delivered
  • Smart Fleet Management (SFM), the AI-controlled energy management system for buses and infrastructure
  • Simplified maintenance: Benefit from maintenance-friendly components that minimize downtime.
  • Technical expertise, training and support.