You will find competent persons for all questions about repair of your modules and devices in our repair centre.

Which kinds of repair can Kiepe Electric carry out? Beside standard repair, Kiepe Electric can also find solutions for devices from other manufacturers, exchange devices and make express repair. Of course, our specialists can also do so on our customers’ sites. Do you want examples?

Contact us at the below address and make your inquiry or place your order. If you need further information or support, please do not hesitate to ask our motivated and experienced team.

Direct contact to the team in the repair centre:

Please send devices for the repair centre to this address:

Kiepe Electric GmbH


Kiepe-Platz 1

40599 Düsseldorf


Your Contact:

Frauke Evertz Manager, Repair Center

Kiepe-Platz 1
40599 Düsseldorf
Deutschland - Germany

Phone: +49 211 7497 932